Morgan Legacy Partners

OPC created a data-driven system to determine the potential for future MLP assets in alignment with their business model.


Lack of Structured Opportunity Analysis

Morgan Legacy Partners(“MLP”), a growing family office, invests in commercial real estate opportunities in regions with rapid growth and has a passion for affordable housing. With assets focused in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina, MLP continues to be on a high growth trajectory with the ultimate goal of supporting people to find a pathway to homeownership while building and enhancing communities.

OPTIMIZED was hired in a hybrid role to act as both an asset manager and a Owner’s Project Manager for expansion and development of sites under MLP’s control.

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Frequent off-market opportunities were coming to the MLP investment committee through multiple sources within the Carolina’s that were difficult to vet due to the lack of broker involvement and as a result of “mom & pop” park management.  A large amount of time, energy, and money were spent evaluating each of these assets, only to determine that the asset was not viable.


Standardized Financial Analysis Tools

Through direct involvement and coordination with each of the sources bringing forth these opportunities, as well as in-depth conversations with the investment committee, OPC was able to gain a key understanding of the investment goals and weak points of information necessary to determine each of the site’s financial performance.

With research into census tracts, economic initiatives, and employment resources, OPC was able to identify the unique challenges and opportunities of each geographic location. OPC packaged up this information to help MLP’s investment team to further inform the key criteria for future acquisitions.

Working with the operations team, OPC developed a standardized financial analysis for all potential acquisitions of this asset class, including an automated scoring system based on meeting certain criteria. Additionally, OPC developed a simplified presentation deck to enable the investment committee to understand a property’s existing status and potential future value focused on the organization’s specific investment approach, as well as identify the key location and financial criteria to continue to support the mission and focus of the organization.

This investment analysis tool has now been implemented multiple times and continues to be a key resource for determining an asset’s potential for the organization.

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