Mill On The Green Condominium Association

OPC helped the Association identify a significant structural problem, develop a comprehensive solution and find the funds to cover the work.


Long Term Deferred Maintenance

Mill On The Green Condominium Association, a six Unit Residential Condominium Association located within the historic downtown Amoskeag housing area of Manchester, NH. The Association had been struggling with understanding the full scope necessary to address several water infiltration issues around its granite block foundation, as well as other deferred maintenance repairs to the masonry and wood exterior elements of the circa 1840 structure. This was further exacerbated by a lack of understanding of the role of the Heritage Commission for the city and the financial constraints of the six individual owners.


Capital Improvement Plan

Upon being tasked by Mill On The Green (“MOTG”), OPC listened to the various concerns and issues being brought up by each of the owners of the association which primarily focused on water infiltration in the basements, insulation & wood trim around its windows, and the integrity of the exterior masonry pointing.

OPC brought several varied vendors and engineers to evaluate the existing conditions. Analysis was done to determine how rainfall flows on the property and the potential access points of the water at the foundation.

After obtaining several detailed analyses and opinions, OPC developed a presentation to the condominium association which provided a full condition analysis to include photographs, competitive bids from multiple vendors, and multiple options in which to address these issues totaling over $60,000.

As part of the presentation, three options were provided with a list of items needing to be addressed in an order of priority due to safety and their associated estimated costs.  With each option, the impact on the condominium fees and reserves was presented, as well as a special assessment calculation. With this information, OPC also provided a comprehensive analysis of other area condominium association fees and helped the owners understand why keeping the fee in line or below the other area properties, improved the marketability of their units at a sale and proving that a special assessment is the better option.

Additionally, OPC introduced MOTG to a local bank which was able to provide the association with a five-year term loan for the improvements, enabling them to complete the full scope of work while reducing the special assessment due by each unit owner.

OPC provided project management services to include multiple bids, vendor selection, and invoice approval subject to confirmation of the work being completed.

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