Factory on Willow wants to be the heart & soul of Manchester’s creative economy

Factory on Willow

Ten months ago local real estate developers Liz Hitchcock and Amy Chhom quietly announced a plan to buy and redevelop the old Cohas shoe factory at 252 Willow Street in Manchester. The concept was simple. Renovate the old building and reinvent its purpose. Chhom says “We walked into the building together and asked ‘what if’?” […]

The Common Man Roadside to Open at Tru By Hilton

The Tru Hilton

The Common Man Roadside is the newest tenant in Tru by Hilton Manchester Downtown Hotel located in the “Silicon Millyard,” an area of Manchester with a concentration of more than 30 tech firms. Launched in 2016, Hilton’s Tru brand is targeted to a younger demographic, with lobby areas designed for meeting and socializing, community workspaces, […]